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We’ll be glad to help your business grow and flourish. We can assist you in dealing with financial matters and paperwork. We provide accounting services in Finland.


Svetlana Lindholm

With more than six years of accounting experience in several Finnish companies, I decided to start a business of my own to help entrepreneurs achieve greater efficiency in their activities by carrying out the paperwork and letting you focus on getting things done.

I will analyze the financial side of your business while working with the data, help you to solve any existing issues, optimize the tax payments, control the usage of resources, help to undertake important decisions, and would be glad to quickly and professionally answer your questions.

I believe that profit making is vital for every entrepreneur. Accountancy is the financial base of a business, and a responsible for her work accountant with attention to detail and knowledge of Finnish law system will support you in reaching your goals.

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Olga Kauhanen

Jalkahoito Petrushka Tmi

Isännöitsijä -ja tilitoimisto Lind Oy on erittään ammattilainen ja luotettava toimisto. Se antaa hyvä ja ystävälli palvelu. Tilitoimisto Lind Oy:ltä saa hyvin neuvoja veroluusesta ja yrityksen asioista.

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